Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Speed up VS 2005

VS2005 is always thirsty for more memory. There are a few tricks that could save up some RAM for you.

Speed up the launch of VS2005
  1. Disable the 'Start Page' - Tools->Options->Environment->Startup section
  2. Disable Splash screeen - Properties->Add parameter /nosplash to the target
  3. Close all unnecessary panels and tabs so that the IDE does not reload them on restart
More Options
  1. Turn off 'Track Changes' - Tools -> Options -> Text Editor
  2. Turn off 'Track Active Item' - Tools -> Options -> Projects & Solutions
  3. Turn off 'Auto Populate Toolbox' - Tools -> Options -> Windows Form Designer
HDD speed matters. 7200 r.p.m is better than a 5400 r.p.m. Read here to see why it's important.

And of course, having more memory helps :)