Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twitter Buzz

It's been a couple of weeks since I have said - 'I do' to Twitter and I have a couple of interesting observations to make.

Twitter's sweet success
Twitter, with its infamous 140 word limit has carved a niche out for itself in micro-blogging arena. Twitter's growth has been so phenomenal that it has 750,000 user profiles with a whopping 1382% increase in user profiles since last year. Get started in to this world with its own 'Twitter Glossary'.

Who's Tweeting
Adults between the ages of 35 and 49 comprise almost 42 percent of the site's audience - and about 62 percent of them are accessing the site from work. The average user hits about 14 times a month and spends about seven minutes on the site.

Twitter on the move

It could a simple "What are you doing now?". Now, you wonder who would want to know what you do in everyday life? Realistically speaking, will it be just random bragging of an unexceptional life. Rewind to early 2000's and one realizes that the same argument was held when 'Weblogs' were still young in the internet space. Twitter is a platform for social communication. What you do with it depends on 'You'. You could use it for simple 'I did this, I did that sorta stuff' or for something more useful.

You end up following not just people, but their activities and lifestyle in general. Twitter is brevity at its best. It promotes communicating one's thoughts with concise and clear sentences.

Twitter is the latest method of evoking quick answers to your questions. Try posting a question or a musing and you will be surprised to see answers. Twitter is the new age information travel where you follow others without being intrusive.

Twitter creates a sense of virtual world where you have a lifestyle, friends and conversations. It creates the Third World after Home and Work. It is a place where you go to when you are done with family, friends, work and everything else.

Twitter bird feed
The social networking platform is a free for all service right now. There were rumors that Twitter is going to start using advertising platform to start generating revenues. Now, Twitter has confirms that it will soon offer paid premium accounts to businesses.

Time flies with Twitter
Oh! Time does fly fast with Twitter. It leads you onto interesting Tweets, entertaining blog posts, more interesting Tweets and more entertaining stuff - and the world has endless of these. It easily can eat into your productive time. Use it well and it stays your best pal.

Spams Ho!
Where there is a means of communications there are spams and phishers. Watch out for them while you spend your time here.

So the answer to - To Tweet or Not To is - Use it well, or you could end up losing your job in 140 characters or less.